Petteri Hirvonen

M.Sc. (Econ.), MBA (Biotech Management, Finance)

Petteri Hirvonen (b. 1963) heads Replicon Health and has operations responsibility in valuations, planning of financial transactions, building reduced mathematical models and their statistical analyses. Mr Hirvonen has more than 20 years of significant experience in strategic and statistical analyses, valuations and investment management. During last five years he has been fully employed in strategy and business planning and R&D projects of Replicon Health. Earlier he has acted as investment director, financial analyst and economist in many leading companies in Finland. He possesses deep understanding of reduced/smart mathematical modelling of ultra-complicated systems (econometrics/biometrics), valuations, economics and molecular physiology of energy metabolism.

In Autumn 2018, Petteri Hirvonen joined a PhD program in exercise physiology. This new activity is a continuum of long lasting scientific relation with the professors. Related future research and scientific publications serve his role as the chief scientific officer (CSO) of Replicon Health Ltd. 

Prior starting as a fulltime employee in Replicon Group in 2003 Petteri Hirvonen was a Senior Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Mandatum Asset Management as well as the Chief Economist of Mandatum Bank. Before joining Mandatum, Mr. Hirvonen was affiliated with DavyProtos Ltd, Finnish Export Credit (1 billion euro of stocks and bonds under management) and Kansallis Bank in various positions of investing, financing, and research operations. During late 1980's Mr. Hirvonen acted as a researcher in the Research Institute of Finnish Economy (reduced econometric modelling of Finnish macro economy).

Before his work-life Petteri Hirvonen graduated from the University of Helsinki in 1988 (MSc(Econ)). He started his university studies in Law School and he has also completed studies in Mathematical faculty of the University of Helsinki. Mr. Hirvonen has lectured several university level courses in statistics. Additionally in 2003 he received an MBA degree from Helsinki School of Economics with two majors: Finance and Biotech Management.